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Assembly Kit BETA is now live for Total War: Attila! It is a free package of tools to create battle maps, units…
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The Assembly Kit is a free package of tools which will allow modders and enthusiasts alike to unleash their creative potential in the form of battle maps, units, campaign overhauls and much more.

How to download:
• Hover over the “LIBRARY” panel in steam and select “TOOLS” from the drop down menu.
• Select Total War: Attila Assembly Kit BETA
• Double Click to begin downloading. Be sure to install The Assembly Kit to the same HDD as Total War: Attila.
• To get the Terrain Raw Data pack, right-click the Total War: Attila Assembly Kit BETA and select “properties”. Click the “DLC” tab and select “Terrain Raw Data” to begin downloading. The Terrain Raw Data will expand to near 60GB on your HDD, so only download it if you feel you need it. It will be needed to use Terry and to use TEd fully.

TOTAL WAR ATTILA – Assembly Kit Trailer
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