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I Love Movies: Reba McEntire – The Sound of Music (2015) HD

Reba McEntire explores why she loves “The Sound of Music” and reminisces about her connection with this classic movie back in the 2nd grade.

Celebrities sit down to talk about their favorite films and how movies have impacted them personally and professionally.

Watch Reba’s New Music Video: http://vevo.ly/viRrcp
Listen To Reba’s New Album «Love Somebody»: http://reba.com
Watch more I Love Movies: https://goo.gl/WIq4ml
Watch The Sound Of Music: http://bit.ly/1S9ooue

«Wonderwaltz» – Werner Tautz – Extreme Music Library
«Bouncy Fun» – John McCarty, Daniel Carl Holter – Extreme Music Library
«Fine Lines» – Giles Edward Palmer, Bruce Fingers, Billie Ray Fingers, Deep Cut – Extreme Music Library
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«Fill My Heart» – Thomas Bergersen, Nick Phoenix – Extreme Music Library