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What is actually up? My identify is Matt Steffanina and today we’re likely to train you fellas how to dance like Ciara. I am likely to communicate you by means of the moves and Dana is likely to reveal. To get started off you might be likely to step ahead on your appropriate leg, arching your again and pulling your appropriate knee open up. You want to make confident that you arch your again and pull your shoulders again when you step into this to start with shift.

From listed here you might be likely to pull your appropriate elbow and shoulder again, bringing your appropriate foot again and repeat the similar thing on the still left aspect, opening that still left knee to the front. From listed here pull again with your still left arm and shoulder, stepping open up. You are likely to punch down to the centre and drop down, contracting your tummy. Repeat this step punching powering on 6. Now consider your arms in front. You are likely to rotate your appropriate knee in and circle your appropriate arm again twice. From listed here we’re likely to use our hips to appear up, commencing with the appropriate hip, circling and bringing you up, up, and up. From listed here you might be likely to step onto your still left foot, pulling your still left elbow again and opening up to the aspect. You want to make confident that your ft are awesome and huge and that your arms are in fists up in front of your upper body.

From listed here we’re likely to roll our appropriate hip to the front a few periods and you might be likely to drop down lower each time until finally your again is parallel to the flooring. From listed here you might be likely to consider your palms, press them down to the flooring on one particular, arch your again and roll up little by little on two, a few, four. Let’s hook up those moves from the major. Action appropriate, pull again, still left, pull again, punch down, again and pull, pull. Hip two, a few, elbow four, 5, roll 6, seven, eight. Fall one particular, up two, a few, four. Let’s try it with the tunes. 5, 6, seven, eight . . . And that is how you dance like Ciara.

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