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– U10 U Watch is the updated version of U8 U Watch, the chipset has been upgraded, the standby power has been extended. MTK2501 chipset, can completely compatible with IOS Android Phone now, remote notification function supports 5 latest news, but the message and photo function are still not avaliable for iPhone users.

Material: U10 with genuine leather band and metal case, while U8 with silica gel band and plastic case.

RAM: U10 is 128MB, while U8 is 32MB, U10 is faster.

Function: U10 adds sleep monitoring and compass functions, suitable for health tracking and outdoor sports.

1.The cost of similar products in the best features and an intelligent Bluetooth Watch
2.Android phones can synchronize QQ, micro letters, text messaging capabilities, and integration of these features, the new pedometer, altitude meter functions
(Note: This feature is compatible with most of the Android phones)
3.Sync phone book, can save 1000 phone book
(To meet the needs of customers phone book)
4.Clear voice quality
(No noise, and communicate more smoothly)
5.Selectable ringtones with vibration
6.The phone book can be quickly and automatically synchronized to watch
(More humane, more convenient)
7.Mobile security features to keep your phone in 10 meters outside of your alarm

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