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WOW two whole compilation albums for absolutely free! 56 Tracks!

«Fowl Play: The Best of General Mumble 2011-2012» is, as you can imagine, a «best of» compilation, containing 22 tracks from 2011 and 2012.

«A Year and a Bit of Compo» is a compilation containing all the tracks I have submitted to the weekly one-hour compos at Every song on this compilation was created in approximately one hour. Some of the songs on here are early versions of songs that are now fully completed, and are likely in their own album or EP. Some of the songs on here are really really awful and will never be touched again. Some of the songs on here might see further production in the future, and some are pretty good as they are. And of course, some songs are just really stupid and laden with farting.

Enjoy the music! It’s all free!

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