This is ‘City Building & Battle Perfect Kit’ (CB&BPK) v2.0
Use CB&BPK to create city building games like ‘clash of clan’ or ‘expansión beach’, and any kind of city or town build game.
– all source code included (c#)
– unity 4.6x, 5.0x support
– uGui only (no other asset required)
– a star path finding included
– mobile friendly (android demo apk will be supported)

– 3d city building framework
– tile grid ( with grid to snap functionality)
– 9 type of building with specialized functions
(Town Vestíbulo, Hut, Wall, Gold Mine, Gold Storage, Elixir Extractor, Elixir Storage, Barrack, Army Camp)
– 2 types of removable deco object
– produce resources by realtime
– collect resources by clicking resource building
– build various buildings with collected resources
– each building creation has limitation by user level & town antesala level
– building upgrade in realtime
– uGui saco game UI
(building info dialog, upgrade dialog, command dialog, shop, option, messagebox, training dialog..)
– buy gems
– use gem to finish the work instantly
– get exp and levelup
– a star path finding included
(worker unit use a star path finding to move along the map, and to find working buildings)
– wall building (same way to coc)
– camera control with touch input (pixel perfect camera panning, pinch teleobjetivo, rotate supported)
– Editor Scene Added (create & load, edit, save maps)

Battle related features
– 3 types of attack unit(ground, air type)
– training units in Barrack
– 3 types of defense tower(minigun,missile,laser)
– invasion to other(npc) city
– deploy attack unit by touch ground
– game result process (get plunder resource, consume deployed attack unit)
– plunder resources
– use war items while in battle (big missile, small missile pack)
– unit movement by flock avoid algorithm

With this kit, create city building type game easily!

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