Descargar Aviators – Jaws (Five Nights at Freddy’s Song) para celular #Android

The backstory and mystery behind the FNAF series is just too fun to not write songs about. So here it is, a second and probably not last song about our favorite fuzzy murderous mascot. This time it’s a song focusing on Freddy himself, and the motives behind his violent actions. Since there’s not a lot of canon backstory in the first or second game, a lot of the song is based on speculation. Basically, he’s the corrupted ghost of a child out to punish the guards who let him perish. Creepy and morbid indeed, but it’s a common theory that I tend to believe.

Download for free:

Vocal Stem for Remixing:


I’m not just a creature
More than a simple feature
I’ll stand in waiting until you can’t see me
I’m all fun and games here
There’s no need for your fear
I’ll be here waiting until you grow weary

I’m not the crazed killer
You think I am
I’m just here ready to see vengeance through
Hatred, bloodlust
They’re all irrelevant to
The moment when my jaws close down on you

It’s you!
It’s you!
It’s me…

You’ve done such a bad thing
So while you’re still breathing
I’d like to make you wait in darkness
I’ve been given life now
So I’m taking you out
You were my problem and I’m going to solve this

Never forgive
Never forget
Don’t close your eyes
It’s not over yet
We used to play
We used to laugh
And now we’re trapped
Like a photograph
I’ve come so far
From the child inside
Remember my face
And jaws behind

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