TOP 9 Best Stealth Games 2015 Android, iPhone, iPad, IOS
◈ Top 10 9 Best stealth android iphone best ipad iPhone, iPad games 2015 2016 High Graphics games for Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone .

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➤Deus Ex The Fall
➤Plight of the Zombie
➤Hitman Sniper
➤Third Eye Crime
➤Hitman Go
➤Riddick: The Merc Files


◈Ah, stealth games – still a bit of a niche in the world of gaming. Sure, some mainstream developers have acknowledged the appeal of sneaking around, leaving enemies clueless, but, at most, their titles will only incorporate the option to an extent. Sooner or later, players are bottlenecked into battle or some sort of conflict.

◈On the other side of the spectrum, stealth games have slowly moved from being completely unforgiving, to incorporating some sort of chase / hide mechanics and even giving the protagonist various ways to actually battle enemies head-to-head, which waters down the genre and leaves hardcore fans hungry for a efectivo sneaking title.

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