Welcome to my tutorial for how to rename a bundle file for a android application

Factors you will need to do this the right way is notpad++ which i am working with appropriate now

to obtain the program use http://notepad-plus-plus.org/

Also you will need to have APK Multi-Applications off the github web page or from my web page


following you obtain the program extract it to the C Generate

You might have to use the setup script to make the desired directories which is the setup.bat and run solution 3 then close out the script

if you need further data on the relaxation of the solution for far more innovative installations which is only for innovative customers or though who been working with the android developer resources and know what they are accomplishing.

but in any case allows get again on keep track of now we need a apk to decompile which i presently have in the folder for modding

now we want to run the script.bat to get this started

as you can see in the menu solution 27 will established the present project but because there is just one apk file in the for modding folder the instrument has presently established it up for us so we can skip this phase but the upcoming phase we want will be solution 9 to decompile the apk file

following the apk file is accomplished decompiling it offers us a solution to open the project folder so we want to choose y for indeed

for this phase we want to edit the manifest in this folder

appear for the bundle which will be found in this article

We want to rename this so we can have numerous copies so permit do this

as you observed i employed exchange all inside just the xml now we have to move on to the upcoming stage which is to rename the bundle in the decompiled resource and by accomplishing this we want to develop a new folder

now move all the content in that folder into the new folder

now in this article is the challenging part of the course of action

in this course of action we want to appear for this


and rename it in all the come across in documents of the apktool folder

to this

open up one of the file in the editor and going to use it as a refference for the come across in file solution

now that is accomplished we want to go again into the instrument and recompile the apk file

mainly because it is not a procedure file we want solution 12

mainly because we renamed the bundle file we have to choose solution 3 in the upcoming menu

now we need to indicator the apk file mainly because it will be unsigned in this folder

we now use solution 4

to indicator it with the check essential

now there is your newly produced apk file with a diverse bundle name and now it will run on your machine..

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