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Many thanks to Eric Langlay ( for generating, enhancing, and animating this episode with me. Many thanks also to Henry Reich ( for his guidance and advice.

Universe Sandbox² :

Mass vs weight:

Great Veritasium video clip:
two other good videos: and

baseballs coming together less than gravitational attraction can be simulated in Universe Sandbox 2. Additional math driving it can be uncovered below:

Bodyweight to mass (on area of Earth) convertor:

pencil and Earth slipping numbers:

NASA Hd footage:


Earth’s spin and its impact on ‘down’:

The measurement of Earth and its gravity:

Motion of Earth’s center of mass:

you get heavier right before you get lighter as you descend into Earth:

vertical deflection:

realistic makes use of of measuring gravity:


Interactive Earth geoid:

your weight when moon is overhead:

Hammer and feather drop on moon:

Why factors fall at the very same charge:

Wolfram Alpha cone geodesic tool:

Typical Relativity:

uncomplicated animation showing geodesic on cone and how it results in motion DOWN in house:
Great pbs spacetime video clip (enjoy the total channel):

time and gravity:

assessments of normal relativity:

RECOMENDED Publications:

good introductory texts:

“Relativity Visualized” by Lewis Carroll Epstein

There is also this PDF that usually takes Epstein’s diagrams into far more detail:

“Relativity Merely Explained” by Martin Gardener

good intro to the math of normal relativity:

“A Most Incomprehensible Thing: Notes Toward a Quite Mild Introduction to the Arithmetic of Relativity” by Peter Collier

Requires some track record in pertinent math matters (see previously mentioned) but extremely extremely fantastic:

“Spacetime And Geometry: An Introduction To Typical Relativity” by Sean Carrol

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