If you might be pondering if I am the worst person to be facebook close friends with if you want to rant about star wars, you might be pondering proper.


Also I know reports of War of the Worlds broadcast scaring folks had been greatly exaggerated and are kind of a present day fantasy akin to the thought of lemmings working off cliffs. It just is a greatly identified fantasy and felt like a fantastic illustration of what I was conversing about.

Simply click your issue not value acknowledging in this list:
Holdo has purple hair wtf –
Kylo Ren’s confront bandage is gross to look at –
Rey is much too fantastic at lifting rocks it feels unearned –
There are 3 impressive feminine people and only 5 impressive male people, is this some kind of feminist propaganda –
I am a Kylux shipper and upsettingly Kylo only choked Hux at the time –


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