We had seen a couple of parody announcements floating around and talked about how fun it would be to make one if we ever had a fourth. Jon has parodied pop songs before and regularly makes parody music videos for our church where he works as a videographer. You can see how this is right up his alley! When we found out Jon’s brother Aaron and his wife, Liz, were also pregnant – all four of us knew we wanted to do a video together to announce it to our family and friends; especially since our due dates are so close together!
We knew we wanted the video to be upbeat, positive and really fun. There’s a weird stigma attached to having more than two children these days, especially when you have multiple of the same gender. I’ve had our child’s pediatrician ask me if I wanted information on birth control options during a well baby check (without ever implying that we were done having kids) and when I told the optometrist that I was pregnant with baby number four he actually replied “I’m sorry”. It caught me off guard for a minute before I responded with “we aren’t!” So I think for us especially, it was important to portray that babies are a joy and your first, second, or fourth.. they are each worth singing and dancing about! All four of us feel so deeply blessed to be able to be adding two more babies to our family to love and to raise. We are also thankful that they will all have each other to grow up with and stand by through life. We had so much fun making this video with Aaron and Liz and we all really hope it inspires people to share joy and to see large families in a positive light.