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ILLUSTRATIONS: TJ Bertino aka “Aspiration Kazoo”

Writer/NARRATOR/EDITOR: Brendan Blaber

New music: pLasterbrain

Narrator + Pirate Boss – Brendan Blaber

Lord – Meredith Sims

Childhood Buddy (Scarecrow Mage) – Zack Maher

Skeleton Mentor – James Cheek

Crappy Archer – Noah Damro

Pink and Inexperienced Cavaliers – Lamp
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Cleric – Erica Chiem

Knight – PhantomSavage (Kyle Land)

Pegasus Knight/Featherweight – mahiruhanayo

Adorable Mage – ChibiSammii

Fate Vaike + Skunk Person – ChaseFace

Dragon Girl – cavaticaVA

Previous Guy – TylerWatkins

Psychopath – Tom Laflin

Noble Common/Lamus – Sam Proven

Suspicious Vizier – Jen McGregor

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