This tutorial is incredibly lengthy so I’ve incorporated timestamps/annotations to act as ‘chapters.’ This is additional intended to demonstrate my strategy to animation in an energy to reveal what tricks I use to animate a lot quicker.

:00 – Introduction
1:22 – Puppet overview
2:14 – Storyboarding
3:15 – Keyframecaddy and lipsynching
4:23 – Changing the lipsynch to a symbol with NewAnimClip
5:35 – Animating the relaxation of the facial capabilities in the nested head
7:27 – Nesting an overall character animation
8:03 – Janimation Toolkit plugin
10:50 – Animation timelapse (no dialog)
13:51 – Strategy discussion and earning a looped animation
15:59 – Finished product

Specific many thanks to Plasterbrain for letting me use her songs

I continue to keep an overview of all plugins and tools I’ve obtained for Flash on my tumblr, which include numerous not featured here.

Keyframe Caddy:

NewAnimClip, break into levels, swap shades, and additional available at
(Toonmonkey has a whole lot of seriously uncomplicated but seriously helpful extensions)

jAnimation Resources by Jay Edry + overview:


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