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Notice!!! NEW Model .17

New video on how to Register for this Video game New Model v0.17 and translations

EXG is a Open globe Video game Motivated by PlayerUnknownsBattlegrounds, you parachute from a airplane down to a town/town,
Up to 40 gamers on each landing map the recreation has many maps but similar types,lots of weapons,objects,vehicles you can push like a jeep, Final person Standing wins, just after a number of minutes a eco-friendly circle gets near the center of map and just after a number of other minutes again to get gamers with each other and straightforward to kill if your out of the eco-friendly circle you can free well being.

**v0.08 IS NOW THE Outdated Model GO TO MY Latest Movie FOR NEW UPDATE AND NEW Info
Overlook THE Bottom Inbound links and what I wrote

Has fixed bugs and login challenges.

Down load Below [Game size 370mb]!uoEwAawS!CioLc6juWpIyLFbPdIui_scaOKfQT1g6VLCsT7NZqv0

To maintain up on this game’s updates
I propose Downloading the TapTap application as you will see this game’s most up-to-date updates on there

Down load on TapTap Application

Mediafire url before long. 👦👍

The Video game is at present on Beta ,attributes all sorts of weapons lots of objects to loot, vehicles and places to look , you generally parachute from a airplane down to a town/town get started looting and killing or teaming up! fps
initial particular person sigth look at,third particular person,sneak,laydown,mini map,strategic,The recreation has opportunity and i assume its much better then bullet strike this recreation is On the web! with lots of gamers!!!!

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“The World’s the War”

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