Thanks to Dr. Karlfeldt, and the staff at the Karlfeldt center for letting us film this epic adventure in their office!

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New Little Spiderman & Venom Vs Catwoman – Real Life Superhero Battle!

Venom Vs Spiderman Vs Black spiderman – Real life Kids – Superhero Movie!

New Little Spiderman & Catwoman – Real Life Battle – Superhero Movie

Little Spiderman Vs Black Spiderman Vs Captain America – In Real Life – Silly String Battle!

Last weeks episode!

The Joker Vs Spiderman – In Real Life – Superhero Battle!

New Blue Spiderman & Hulk – In Real Life – Doodle Bug Adventure
Superhero fun time!

New Little Spiderman Vs Darth Vader – In Real life – Superhero Battle!

New Little Spiderman Vs Catwoman – Real Life Superhero Battle!

New Little Spiderman Vs Captain America & Batman – Real Life Superhero Battle!

Spiderman Vs Batman – In Real life – Wakeboard Battle – Superhero Bath Fight!

Deadpool vs Spiderman & Captain America – Real Life – Superhero Battle!

Catwoman Vs Batman Vs Red Power Ranger | Tic-Tac-Toe | Real Life Kid Superhero Battle

Spiderman Venom Vs Batman – DEATH BATTLE In Real Life Kids Superhero Fight!

Captain America & Superman Vs Spider-Man DEATH BATTLE!

Spiderman vs Batkid Kids Death Battle Superhero Fight

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