[MV] MAMAMOO (마마무) _ Paint Me (칠해줘)

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Just one of the strongest girls’ teams both equally in name and reality, MAMAMOO, begun to make a sketch to paint the new year of 2018 with their own shades.

The recently launched track ‘Paint Me’ has the picturesque lyrics that in contrast the excitement and heat of adore, the discomfort of chilly breakups and the passionate feelings that get hotter with 4 shades of white, yellow, blue and red. Irrespective of the controlled session configuration, a combination of the plentiful ambience, the melodies of the main piano that retain the harmony of the track, the guitar seems that direct the track by creating pressure in the track and the string seems at the latter 50 percent of the track produced the tunes in a magnificent scale like the OST of a blockbuster film.


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