Si el video esta caido reportalo con el boton de abajo ayudanos a estar mas actualizados

DESACTIVA ADBLOCK PARA VISUALIZAR LA PELICULA – “A motherf***** in this day and age will do anything if they feel like it’s [going to] go viral,” claims Lord Jamar.

Surely by now everyone has seen Cali rapper Lil B’s ensemble during his appearance on ESPN’s Sports Nation. Known for his curses as much as his outlandish lyrics, the self-proclaimed BasedGod arrived on the set donning a sun hat, earrings, and a lace top, angering sports fans and celebrities nationwide. Even Vlad added that it was “a little different,” but as you’ll see in this exclusive, Brand Nubian’s Lord Jamar wasn’t here for any of it.

“Is fame and money that important where you would just do anything?,” he asks during his latest sit-down. Lord Jamar says he’s sick and tired of artists doing things for shock value, and mostly faults Lil B’s cult-like followers who applaud his actions. His advice for the former Pack star? “Stop doing gay s*** for attention,” Lord Jamar pleads shortly before delving into personalities who have gotten attention for identifying with other genders and races. “Lies are the new truth,” he ends off.

Has the issue of identity confusion simply become a trend? Let us know if you agree with Lord Jamar below.