Learn how to pop dance with Next Level Dancer DVD, now available on Amazon:

Created by the backup dancers to the stars, Next Level Dancer teaches you how to pop, how to wave, and how to combine everything you’ve learned into some truly spectacular dancing. In order to learn how to pop, you have to learn how to isolate different parts of your body. So while you are popping, or waving, the rest of your body really seems to be divorced from what is going on. That is what makes it look so cool, and what makes learning how to pop so fun.

Whenever you see anyone doing any kind of hip hop moves, chances are you will see a lot of popping and waving. Merienda someone sees these kinds of dancing, chances are they will want to learn how to pop, too. Learning how to pop is easy if you have a professional teacher.

Our professional dance videos at LearnClubDance.com teach you how to pop and how to wave. These are the «next level» styles of moves that will really make you stand out on the dance floor.

Every dance has a history. A few African Americans musicians in California in the 1960s invented this dance, and soon everyone wanted to learn how to pop. In order to learn how to pop, you need to be able to very quickly contract and then relax your muscles, which will make your body jerk, or «pop.» Do this continuously to music, add in various cool movements and poses, and you are a «popper.»
Lots of other dance styles integrate popping, which is why it is important that you learn how to pop in order to take your dancing to the next level. After you learn how to pop, you can also learn how to wave and even how to krump!

After you learn how to pop, you can then perform in battles. Peaceful battles, of course, where you and your friends try to outdo each other on the dance floor.

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