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The singer tells a story of her Bipolar Disorder:
Not long ago, Liza Fox met a mysterious gentleman who cast a magic spell on her. Every midnight, the singer wakes up seeing his shadow above her bed. She experiences extreme mood swings. Liza feels a growing desire to meet the mysterious man again. During the ordeal, she transforms from an innocent angelic girl to a witchy warrior.

The singer’s personal transformation is reflected in her new album “I Am Not I” produced by Hungarian DJ Jus Grata. Each of the six songs, including the title track, is a unique story revealing a facet of her multidimensional personality.

In the video, events unfold like a dreamy inception: As Liza is sleeping in bed, a snake crawls on her like a seductive Serpent to possess her spirit as she sings “I am not I when I love you tonight.” She looks into the mirror and sees a witchy warrior. Meanwhile, a man dressed like a monk is reading satanic scriptures, casting his evil spell as Liza is falling deeper into darkness. Chained in the medieval torture chamber, she tries to escape through levitation. The video ends with her warrior self setting the water on fire. “By burning water, I claim victory over darkness and bipolar disorder,” the singer explains.

Twitter: @LizaFoxMusic
Instagram: lizafox_
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LizaFoxMusic
Website: http://www.LizaFoxMusic.com/
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/LizaFoxMusic

Written by Jus Grata and Liza Fox
Produced by Jus Grata
Directed by Taras Vorobets

Copyright (c) 2015 I.L.M.


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