A action-by-action guideline to generating a lifter/ionocraft, a little, incredibly lightweight, triangular ion wind propelled device powered with a high voltage and considerable present electric power source. This makes use of an aluminum foil skirt for the bottom electrode, a 30 gauge (30 AWG) bare wire for the top rated electrode and balsa wooden for the help construction. The glue is cyanoacrylate. The suggests of propulsion is ion wind (also called ion cloud or electrical wind.)

I also exhibit some high voltage security characteristics, how to perform safely and securely with high voltage.

To see the lifter air flow incredibly evidently, check out my “Lifter Voltage/Current and Smoke/Airflow Test Measurements” movie:

To see “How Ion Propulsion, Lifters and Ionocrafts Function”

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And if you can’t develop a electric power source then you can invest in 1. I’ve purchased from in this article in the earlier. Just convey to them what you’re undertaking, they’re familiar with lifters:

Components essential (see the movie for the dimensions):
– aluminum foil, the same 1 use in your kitchen. Use the lightweight 1, not the weighty responsibility 1.
– bare, uninsulated incredibly slim wire. It must be 30 gauge (AWG) or thinner.
– balsa wooden 1/16″ x 1/16″
– thread
– cyanoacrylate glue or krazy glue
For the electric power source see the inbound links specified earlier mentioned.

The CGI animation of the astronaut was built working with Blender 2.59.

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