How to make a uncomplicated yard foundry for a lot less than $20, for melting pop cans, and casting aluminum.

[✓] Clay Graphite Crucible:
[✓] Metal Pail:
[✓] Plaster of Paris:
[✓] 2.5 Quart Bucket:
[✓] 5 Quart Huge Mouth Bucket:
[✓] Heat Resistant Gloves:
[✓] 1-3/8” Hole Noticed:
[✓] 3” Hole Noticed:
[✓] 1” x 12” Metal Pipe:

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Pop Can Steel Melting:
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Acrylic Hearth Piston:
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Charcoal foundries can arrive at temperatures in extra of 1,000ºC, which is well higher than the melting point of hobbyists. This venture should only be tried with adequate know-how and coaching, good protective basic safety gear, and in a fireplace resistant space with adequate ventilation. The sparks traveling from the foundry can ignite fires, and the fumes from burning dross can be toxic. Use warning and popular perception. Use of this video clip content is at your very own risk.

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This foundry is an authentic design and style, which arrives right after months of experimenting, and about 10 diverse prototypes. The operation is launched on tips I collected when seeking the online for diverse furnace types.

Undertaking History & Far more Details:

For this venture I experimented with 10 diverse prototypes, to produce a reusable yard foundry that melts aluminum soda cans conveniently and safely and securely. I tested diverse refractory recipes, diverse containers, diverse environment for blowing air, and diverse varieties of makeshift crucibles.

I tried using many ratios of portland cement, sand, perlite, plaster of paris, h2o, and even kitty litter. For containers, I experimented with clay pots, plastic buckets, no container, cinderblocks, and a galvanized metal pail.

I ended up favoring the galvanized metal pail, and a mix of 50% plaster of paris, and 50% participate in sand, by volume, which was encouraged by a video clip by NightHawkInLight “How to Make a Soup Can Forge”

Relying on exactly where you get, or find, your elements the price can selection everywhere from $5-$25 per unit. With the elements I utilized, I was equipped to make 2 models for beneath $40 ($20 each individual). Even on the high conclusion, this is most likely a single of the least expensive, reliable, yard foundries that can be made.

I utilized mine to soften soda cans, and extract the aluminum for upcoming metallic casting initiatives. All the soda cans arrived from a area recycling depot. I bought again 30 lbs from the depot to avoid possessing to consume gallons and gallons of soda. 🙂 I stored the ingots in many forms, which you can see in the video clip”Melting Cans With The Mini Steel Foundry”
The technique for earning the sword in that video clip, and the gun in this video clip is referred to as “Shed Foam Casting” and will be shown in a upcoming venture video clip.


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