How to make rockets that shoot over 40 ft, with aluminum foil and a match.

Some fast hyperlinks to a couple of the products I utilized:

[✓] Safety Matches:
[✓] Aluminum Foil:
[✓] Tea Light-weight Candles:
[✓] Bamboo Skewers:

Due to the fact of the popularity of this job, I’ve place with each other a thorough 28 site PDF ( with move-by-move guidelines, Enjoyable Info, Valuable Hints, and loaded with photos. I am offering them to enable compensate for my time. You can get the Task PDF listed here if you might be interested:

Cost-free template:

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Paper Plate Speaker:
Hearth Piston:
Smoke Flares:
H2o Pump:

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Despite the fact that these rockets are only fueled by one match head, they do get very hot sufficient to burn up fingers, and leave scorch marks in carpets. This job ought to not be tried without having adult supervision, and if accomplished indoors, safety safety measures ought to be in spot to mitigate any hearth dangers. Misuse, or careless use, may end result in property hurt. Use of this video information is at your very own threat.

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Task Inspired By:

A video by Marek Hayward I observed over a 12 months in the past. ( If you look at out the connection, remember to share the appreciate and let Marek know that Grant Thompson despatched you. 🙂 Thank you!

Task Heritage & A lot more Information:

Right after looking at the video by Marek Hayward (which experienced 10,000 sights at the time, and is now over 1,000,000!) I dropped every little thing I was accomplishing to try out this experiment.

However I could not get substantially achievements with it. The rockets only appeared to function about half the time, and the needle they have been launching from would get coated in carbon and tar residues following only a pair of launches, which seriously afflicted the functionality.

In addition, the rockets weren’t well balanced, so the moment they fired, they wouldn’t shoot very straight.

It’s taken me over a 12 months of prototyping and tests, and participating in with various strategies to get the end result you see in this video. I produced the thought into a entire-on matchbox rocket launching kit, which I’m tremendous proud of, and excited to share in the job video.

These rockets shoot consistently concerning 20-40 ft, and one of the biggest components to no matter whether the rockets function or fail, is dependent on how restricted the crimp is on the rockets nose. Any rocket that has unsuccessful on me has practically always been because the crimp wasn’t accomplished ideal, or wasn’t restricted sufficient.

The rockets will propel the furthest if they are launched from a stable base that has very little to no give. If there is any give on the launchpad, that will take up some of the vitality and the rocket will not go as significantly.

A number of checks in my property verified that if the rockets land on the carpet, they want to be moved in 1-2 seconds, or they will commence to soften into the material. The aluminum casings are heated in a flame right up until they get to the auto-ignition temperature of the match head, so you can expect them to be very very hot, and may want to be putting on gloves when you recuperate the spent rocket casings as nicely 🙂

This is an amazing and interesting job no matter whether you might be a kid or and adult. It’s outstanding to hearth a rocket with one match head and see this kind of ability, and the smoke path it leaves in it is wake is incredibly satisfying as nicely.

I’m providing absent the template I designed for no cost, all I ask in return is that you remember to share this video 🙂 You can get it listed here:


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