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The orden of the videos is chronological, and is the subsequent:
How to-
Decide on up an umbrella
Help you save electricity
Near a door
Test for mail
Accurately benefit a auto
Dig a hole with your finger
Fold a t-shirt in 5 seconds
Ring a door bell
Run absent from a bear
Help you save water
Place a bear in the bush
Transform on an outisde faucet
viciously set a lid on a plastic container
wash a auto
make gourmand mince meat
do a barrel roll
fill up a fowl bathtub
fill up a plastic container with sand
fill up a plastic container with water
set a lid on a plastic container
lock a basic safety monitor
pop a bubble
flip on a take care of
get turned on
count cash
kick a ball
do a ball trick
make cupcakes swift and quick
simply click a significant pen
enjoy cards
rotate a e book
make a birthday cake
tie a shoelace
tie up a sandle
carry out an awesome card trick
merry xmas
consume a cupcake
get rid of crabs
make tasty soup
light-weight a match on hearth devoid of a tinder
light-weight a teddy bear on hearth
peel a banana the swiftest way
pluc a weed
wander at evening time
lunar eclipse
toss a box of pens -hardcore edition
select up a hat
pickup a look at
select up a look at?
enjoy with your knob
no junk mail
open up a attract
select up a can of pepsi max
select up a candle
fail at killing a cockroach
kick a wall
eliminate an ant
seem at a cockroach at evening time
flip on a lover
flip on a tv set
flip a faucet off
flip a faucet on
wash your palms
cleanse up ill
flip a light-weight on and off
plug a hole
pour a glass of coke
pour a glass of milk
pour a glass of pepsi max
open up a bottle
open up a door
select any lock rapidly
select up the soap
wash a strawberry
cool down your place in summer months
cleanse up
make hearth with 2 cash
use the stapler
wash a blueberry
wash an orange
wash a pear
use the shampoo dispenser
use the soap dispenser
toss a teddie bear
tidy your place
flip on the toiler lover
set cash in a cash tin
toss a box of pens
toss a pen
slice a pear
fold a sock
seem at artwork
pour a glass of water
fall the soap
flush a toilet
open up a can of coacola
carry out a coke prank
make clean orange juice speedily


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