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Step 1:
Sketch an oval shape. just a quick sketch, you can alter it later. I use a 4B pencil.

Step 2:
Draw a line down the centre of the oval.

Step 3:
Draw a line across the middle of the oval.

Step 4:
Sketch an oval eye either side of the middle line and below the centre line.

Step 5:
Mark a line for the tip of the nose and the middle of the mouth.

Step 6:
Mark a line above each eye to show eyebrows.

Step 7:
Draw a line either side of the centre line and either side of the tip of the nose, for the ears.

Step 8:
Add detail to the eyes. Darken the top eye line and add two iris circles.

Add pupils and darken, softly tone the iris.

Add upper eye lids and look at both eye lids together.

Step 9:
Add two small ovals for nostrils, and two curves for the side of the nose.

Step 10:
Find the three lines for the centre, top and bottom of the mouth.

Step 11:
Find a good position for the bottom of the chin and redraw the jaw line.

Step 12:
Add a line for the side of the neck, below the outer corner of the eyes.

Continue with drawing the main strands of hair.

Make sure the hairstyle is bigger than the head!

Step 13:
Erase the guidelines and soften lines that are too strong.

Step 14:
Start to add detail and tone to the hair, following its natural direction.


Shade with a flat even tone, dark areas first.

Step 15:
Add tone above the eye and below the eyebrow.

Add tone on one side of the face, try to keep the tones soft.

Step 16:
Add tone to the hair.

Step 17:
Draw back into the eyes, building up tones.

Step 18:
Look at the whole drawing, building tones.

Step 19:
Correct anything that you think does not work, it is good to be able to see what does not work, but only erase small parts at a time and then redraw!

Step 20:
You have now hopefully completed a beautiful portrait!

There are many ways to draw. In this art video I show some of the tricks I have discovered over the years that I use in my own art and my art teaching.

How to Draw a Female Face:

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