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Aaron: Hey guys, I am Aaron.

Kristina: And I am Kristina.

Aaron: We are skilled ballroom dance instructors coming at you right now from New York Metropolis, and right now we are heading to be talking to you about a small dance we connect with the swing, also what we refer to in the ballroom environment as East Coast Swing. So what we are heading to be doing is setting up taking a search at the fundamental motion. So gentlemen, let us get aside our footwork.

What we are doing, guys, is we are generally setting up with our remaining leg, and what we are heading to be setting up this dance with is what we connect with a link action or a rock action. Getting our remaining leg and rocking it at the rear of, a single, two. And then next this up with a triple action motion heading side, with each other, side, and then repeating that with our appropriate leg to our appropriate, side, with each other side. And then next that up again, rock action, a single two 3, a single two 3, rock action. Now Kristina is heading to exhibit the ladies’ element.

Kristina: Alright. So, women, we are heading to start with our appropriate foot in the rock action. So we are heading to get our appropriate foot and action at the rear of, swap, that’s our a single, two. And then slide to the appropriate, 3 and four, five and six. Again, a single, two, 3 and four, five and six.

Aaron: Now we are heading to communicate a small little bit about the various hand retains we are heading to be using in the swing. For starters we are heading to be using a little bit of a modified keep in this article from what we are employed to in most of our ballroom dances where gentlemen we are truly heading to position our thumb on best of the lady’s hand and deliver it down to about midsection degree. Below we are also heading to be marginally turned out as this dance has a great deal of rotational motion that we are heading to see appropriate absent as we rock action.

Now there are a number of other styles of retains as perfectly. We are also heading to be using a double hand keep, a solitary hand keep, and an open situation, as perfectly as a handshake keep that you may see will get us into a number of additional of our highly developed styles. Now let us get a search at that fundamental motion again with each other, a single additional time. And, a single, two, 3 and four, five and six. 1, two, 3 and four, five and six. 1, two. And now let us consider that with audio.


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