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Aaron: Hey fellas, it truly is Aaron.

Kristina: And I am Kristina.

Aaron: And we’re professional dance instructors listed here in New York Town, and nowadays we’re coming at you with a small dance we like to connect with the jive. So for starters let us choose a appear at the fundamental footwork. So gentlemen, why do not we choose a appear at our footwork 1st. We are likely to be starting up once again with our left leg and we’re likely to start with that link step, or rock step, powering us. Setting up with one, two, three and four, five and 6. One, two, triple step, triple step, rock step.

Now one matter you’ll detect listed here with the jive, a crucial characteristic of this and in the songs is this percussive accent that we tend to highlight in our foot and leg action wherever we accent with the knee one, two, and three and four, and five and 6, 7, eight, so as to differentiate involving the swing and the jive itself, which are each customers of the same family members and occur from that fundamental swing dance action. But once again, as this songs is a small bit more rapidly and tends to have a lot more of a percussive accent and rhythm, a-one, two, a-three and four, a-five and 6, 7, eight. A-one, and two, three and four, five 6. So now let us choose a appear at the ladies’ footwork as very well.

Kristina: All right. So girls, once again, almost everything that Aaron claimed, it truly is connected to the swing. There is certainly a small bit a lot more knee action but it begins the same way. So girls, we’re on our proper foot. We are likely to choose a rock step. Rock step. And then facet triple. Triple step and triple step. One, two, and three and four, and five and 6, 7, eight.

Aaron: Now let us choose a appear at this action jointly. So, we have our shut situation listed here that we’re starting up from, and so as we do not bump knees jointly, we’re truly likely to rotate slightly outward on a small bit of an angle listed here. And one, two, and three and four, and five and 6. One, two, and three and four, and five and 6. A-one, two, three and four, and five and 6, and one, two. Now we’re also likely to discuss a small bit about the distinct hand holds that we’re likely to have within just this dance.

Kristina: So we have the regular type of swing/jive dance frame with the lower hand maintain link.

Aaron: Just about every now and then we’re likely to choose this hand maintain that we have listed here and change to a small bit of a palm-to-palm action which is likely to aid us gain a small bit a lot more leverage in some of our innovative tactics.

Kristina: And then we also have a double hand maintain, and then we can have a solitary hand maintain, proper to left. Or the handshake maintain, which is just what it suggests. You are shaking fingers. So these are some of the distinct hand holds that we have in the jive. Now let us attempt that to some songs.

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