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Aaron: Hey men, it really is Aaron.

Kristina: And I’m Kristina.

Aaron: And we are specialist dance instructors listed here in New York Metropolis. Now today we’re heading to be talking about a tiny dance we like to get in touch with the foxtrot, and we’re heading to be commencing listed here with the fundamental action. So what we’re heading to do is split it apart, and I’m heading to clearly show you the gentlemen’s section and then Kristina is heading to show for us the ladies’. So, in its most fundamental sort, what we’re seeking at listed here gentlemen, we’re commencing once again with our left leg just as we have in all the dances previous.


So what we’re heading to be commencing with is two strolling actions forward. Stroll, stroll. And then we’re heading to action to our left. Aspect, jointly. And then we would just repeat that from there. Stroll, stroll, and side, jointly. So taking a appear at that 1 far more time, now we’re heading to include the precise counts to this action, which is heading to be sluggish, sluggish, swift swift. And sluggish, sluggish, swift swift. Now I’m heading to enable Kristina show the ladies’.

Kristina: Alright, so for the women we are frequently in the sleek dances moving backwards, so we’re heading to commence on our ideal foot. We’re heading to consider two backwards actions, so we have back again, back again, and then side ideal, near left foot to ideal foot. All over again, back again, back again, side, near. And the counts for that, as Aaron had stated, are sluggish, sluggish, swift swift. So we’re heading to go on the ideal foot heading back again sluggish, sluggish, swift swift. Slow, sluggish, swift swift. So let’s check out this jointly with a associate. And sluggish, sluggish, swift swift. Slow, sluggish, swift swift.

Aaron: Now, let’s check out that to songs.


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