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Study how to dance like the “Phase Up” videos from choreographer Matt Steffanina in this Howcast dance online video.

What is actually up? My name is Matt Steffanina and now we’re gonna train you how to dance like the action-up videos. Now, if you are a guy, you can observe me. If you are a lady, you can observe Dana. You can nonetheless do this routine, even if you have two men or two girls you might just will need to change a couple of the moves.

You happen to be gonna commence with your toes alongside one another. Initial, you are gonna action out with your correct leg and punch across with your correct hand.

From here, you are gonna continue on this motion in a figure eight carry your still left foot in, and carry your correct arm down to your aspect. You wanna make certain that your still left heel stays up, mainly because on this subsequent shift, we’re gonna carry our arm up, switching our toes bringing our arm down, and switching them back.

Right after that, you are just gonna nod your head up, and carry it back to center. From here, I am gonna action out on my still left foot, and operate to the aspect. Dana’s gonna do the exact factor, to the opposite aspect. Now, we’re gonna operate in toward each individual other. I am stepping on my correct foot, Dana’s on her still left.

From here, I am gonna flip still left, correct, still left, more than my still left shoulder, like this. Phase, action, action, to appear to center. Dana’s gonna do the exact factor still left, correct, still left, but as she turns, she’s gonna action across, on her correct foot and flip, so that she finishes up in front of me. You wanna make certain that the particular person in back is directly at the rear of the particular person in the front.

From here, Dana’s gonna commence a overall body roll with her head heading down, to appear up, and she’s gonna sit down, on two. Though she’s executing that, I am gonna wave my arm up, to drop down with her, on two with my palms and fists by her sides. Collectively that appears to be like like this, one particular, two.

From here, I am gonna pull my correct arm back, as she pulls and turns her correct knee in carry it back to the front, and do the exact factor on the still left aspect, pulling and pushing.

From here, we’re gonna snake to the still left, and Dana’s gonna dip a small reduced. I am gonna operate my hand up her back, and trace this roll to carry my hand in front of her chest, on 6.

From here, she’s gonna pop out and I am gonna pull away, on 7 carry it back in, on eight. She’s gonna drop back, and I am gonna capture her, keeping her neck in my hand carry her back up slowly, on one particular.

Let us try that from the best. 5, 6, 7, eight. We action one particular, two and three, head 4, operate, operate, flip 7 and eight. Roll one particular, two, three, 4, snake 5, 6 and 7, drop eight, carry her up, sluggish. Let us try that from the best.

And which is how you dance like the action-up videos.

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