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What is up? My name is Matt Steffanina and currently I’m likely to educate you fellas how to dance like Chris Brown. Chris Brown is recognized for a ton of diverse types but the a few that we’re likely to concentration on currently are footwork, crumping and tutting.

We’re likely to begin by kicking our appropriate leg forward. This is a person. You’re likely to swap your ft, and kick in the remaining leg. Then you might be likely to acquire your remaining leg and cross it above and bring your appropriate foot up. Detect how my higher body is even now turned toward the entrance. Now we’re likely to reverse this kicking our remaining leg to the entrance, switching to our appropriate foot, coming across with the appropriate to arrive in this article. Again, my higher body is even now twisted to the entrance.

From in this article I’m likely to put my remaining foot down. I’m likely to grab my trousers appropriate in this article and arrive all the way all-around, circling on five. So bring this appropriate foot in together. From in this article we’re likely to upper body pop 2 times, six, 7. Take your appropriate hand and punch it into your remaining on 8.

Let us try that to start with 8 count once more. You kick a person, and twist, and a few, and 4, stage out on your appropriate, five, you pop six, pop 7, punch 8. Detect how I change my body into this punch to hit on 8.

From in this article I’m likely to open up my hands up. I’m likely to go and, dropping our appropriate hand down, make an ‘X’, lean to the remaining to open up up once more and stage in. Now, from in this article on two I’m likely to acquire my appropriate shoulder and knock my head so that it bounces above. So this is two, look to the remaining. You’re likely to cross your arms once more on a few. You’re likely to pull this down on 4.

When you bring this cross in you want to make it knock your head up. So I’m just opening my arms in this article and I’m likely up with my head to roll down my body. From in this article I’m likely to stage on my remaining, my appropriate arm is likely to cross in entrance of my remaining to arrive open up to in this article on six. From in this article you might be likely to access across with your appropriate hand, and then you might be likely to acquire this shape and transfer the full factor above to the other side of your head bringing it down in entrance of you.

From in this article you might be likely to roll this across, sliding your appropriate foot into your remaining and you might be likely to force down and agreement on a person. There is a great massive bass there on a person so you want to make sure that you definitely hit tricky employing your stomach. You want to think of contracting, as if you have been doing a crunch and hit as tricky as you can on that bass, your arms are just pushing down.

Let us try that once more and put that full combination together. We have five, six, 7, 8. You go kick and two, and kick, and twist, stage out five, pop six, 7, punch 8. And a person, and, two, a few, knock 4, stage five, up six and 7 and 8. This is a person.

And that’s how you dance like Chris Brown.


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