This video, with Joe DeMers and Campbell Miller, normally takes 3 unique approaches to training Drag Blues and Fusion dance: the combination of Drag Blues with other types, including inventive movement to Drag Blues, and Frame Matching (link) as a essential for Fusion.

Fusion dance is the combination of various dance types, types and inventive movement to a assorted selection of musical genres and types. It is a dance in which partnership link and movement aesthetics are as dynamic and special as the seems, melodies, and rhythms contained in its musical diversity. Dancers may perhaps opt for to blend a multitude of dance tactics and movements (e.g. Blues, Tango, West Coastline Swing, Hip-Hop, and many others.) in any combination or take a look at inventive movement via Human body, Motion, Place, Time, and Strength, whilst protecting lover link. Frame Matching, a codified concept of lover link, is an important usually means of communicating between companions in Fusion dance. It is the act of building, protecting, or modifying rigidity between companions with posture and tone, in order to guide and stick to strength and course.

In some communities, Fusion is regarded much less of a dance variety than a philosophy or culture of dance. Dancers negotiate differences in musical interpretation and movement expression dependent on one’s values, track record, and activities. The movement variety and design are the final result of the inventive and collaborative marriage of those dancing collectively, and is frequently a space in which dancers take a look at the dynamic between conventional guide/stick to roles, switching roles, or some thing in between.

Drag Blues is a contemporary dance variety of Blues advanced from Ballroomin’ and Gradual Drag, both of those vintage blues dances, danced to the swing rhythms found in Blues and Jazz new music. Although dependent on vintage traveling Blues dances, Drag Blues has a a lot more defined strategy and incorporates Swing moves and movements.

Movie 1: Intro to Drag Blues
Movie 2: Drag Blues Walk
Movie 3: Drag Blues Moves
Movie 4: Drag Blues Relationship
Movie 5: Drag Blues and Fusion
Movie 6 (2.5): Context for the Drag Blues Walk
Movie 7: A Beginner’s Solution

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