This video clip teaches you general features and attributes of Drag Blues moves.
It discusses body shaping and dips, and moves for open, closed, and shut-embrace positions. Discover additional fundamental principles for walking, such as
circles and angled walks. Just take away concepts of the forms of
moves you can execute and generate devoid of getting rid of the Drag Blues aesthetic, and
to have an understanding of the general technological solution dancers are inclined to consider in Drag Blues.

Drag Blues is a fashionable dance variety of Blues evolved from Ballroomin’ and Sluggish Drag, both classic blues dances, danced to the swing rhythms observed in Blues and Jazz new music. While centered on classic traveling Blues dances, Drag Blues has a additional defined technique and incorporates Swing moves and actions. Locate a Drag Blues practice checklist at

Blues is an umbrella term for an improvised household of particular person, partnered, and team dance types completed to Blues new music and structures. It is centered on a collection of dance models designed in America concerning the 1800’s and mid 1900’s, parallel with blues new music. Rooted in African movement, Blues areas large benefit on rhythm and a powerful emphasis on solo movement. The dance has professional a significant evolution inside the final 10-15 yrs.

While there are now a vast variety of Blues dances, just about every with special dynamics, aesthetics, rhythms, attitudes, and phase designs, they share numerous attributes that let men and women to stylistically and creatively specific the new music. These contain: asymmetry in the body grounded and earth-centered movement a balanced and versatile posture dancing powering the beat pulse polyrhythms ‘every day’ observed movement bent limbs and torso movement in all parts of the body call and response lead and stick to and emotion. -John Joven, Shoshi Krieger, Flouer Evelyn , & Joe DeMers

Video 1: Intro to Drag Blues
Video 2: Drag Blues Wander
Video 3: Drag Blues Moves
Video 4: Drag Blues Connection
Video 5: Drag Blues and Fusion
Video 6 (2.5): Context for the Drag Blues Wander
Video 7: A Beginner’s Approach

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