How can a lot of silly issues combine to form smart issues? How can proteins become living cells? How become tons of ants a colony? What is emergence?

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Phil Winterleitner, David Blayney, Stuart Dunlop, Jordi Riera, James Lamberg, Alexander Fortin, Philipp Hiestand, Shalyn Thong, Elizabeth Meisterling, Tyler Graybill, Felix Diercks, Carson Hynes, Julian Maurel, Jacek Złydach, Paul Lenoue, Stephen Murillo, Justin Fowler, Michael Andregg, Justin Stocking, Andrew, Michael Altarriba, Andy Holaday, Karel Hulec, CJ Canton, Cédric Coulombe, Radomir Kaleta, J K, Rada199, Claudio Admirer, etti, Zen, Alen Kecic, Patrick Preuss, deMat01, Erickson Phoenix, iamBadgers, Tom Motto, William Asheshov, Chris O’Hara, Lobo Olsson, Zachary Hall, Donis A., Ismael, The_CJ, Michal Janček, Lars Midgaard, ElRichMC, Mariann Nagy

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Emergence – How Stupid Matters Grow to be Smart Together

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