Talking dog helps local video go viral

CEDAR HILLS, Utah County — A Cedar Hills family was just trying to get their toddler to say “mama” when their dog chimed in instead.

Like any 9-month-old, Samuel was an excellent babbler, according to his mom, Andrea Diaz-Giovanini.

“That week he had been saying ‘dada’ a lot and so we were trying really hard to coax him to say mama,” she said in an email.

As Diaz-Giovanini’s mother was eating lunch one day, she was trying to encourage Samuel to say “mama” with a bite of her lunch as a reward. The baby didn’t quite get out the word, but their 10-year-old mini Australian shepherd did.

It turns out the dog, Patches, had been trained to say “mama” since he was about 2 years old, according to Diaz-Giovanini, so it’s understandable that he thought Grandma’s lunch was for him if he could say “mama.”

That’s all well and good, but an extra layer to the comedy is baby Samuel’s reaction to Patches stealing his mama-saying thunder, which you’ll have to watch and see.