12.04.2017: Guys, today the vacuum updated itself to plugin version 205! EVERYTHING is in ENGLISH, including ENGLISH female voice! No need for my plugins anymore, check it out!
31.03.2017: Mi Vac plugin (199 zip package): US
28.03.2017: Mi Vac plugin v181 – for use with UNITED STATES REGION (English notifications)!!!
18.03.2017: Mi Vac plugin v5798
12.01.2017: Mi Vac plugin v5370 (January 2017)
06.01.2017: v5224 (January 2017) – A lot of polish to old and new strings after A LOT of testing!
29.12.2016: PLUGIN UPDATED to 5224 (January 2017) – All new strings translated. SPOT CLEANING and Remote control!

Xiaomi Mi Robot vacuum – Mijia – English interface

This video is just a POC, the MI Vac app plugin was translated 99%, as some messages are still hardcoded.
Mi Smart Home is a suite of apps that control all the smart devices of Xiaomi. The devices can be seen in a list inside the app and in order to control them, a plugin is downloaded from a chinese server. This means that the plugin is in chinese. Of course this can be changed, as you can change the downloaded plugin in chinese, with mine which is in English/Chinese.


App uses system language, so you need to set your phone to english language so it works properly.

Notifications are still in Chinese, probably hardcoded in the main app. Also the cleaning history screen (Data seems to be loaded from a server).

The plugin must be placed in Data/Data/com.xiaomi.smarthome/files/plugin/install/mpk/number, with a file manager that has root access. As a file manager, better use es file explorer from playstore. If you use supersu, you must grant it with root access, in order to replace the plugins correctly. Files must be renamed to have the same name as the installed one. For me the path is: /data/data/com.xiaomi.smarthome/files/plugin/install/mpk/134/XXXX.apk where XXXX is the name (version) of the plugin.

To edit the text strings, Apk Editor + Google translate were used.

Dropbox Video:

Mi Vac plugin (5798, 181 & Smarthome 4.1.9. zip package):
Mi Vac plugin (199 zip package):

Unzip file, copy MOD file from Mod dir to usual place.


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