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If you’re wondering why Flappy Bird is not in the app store anymore, and/or you would like do have this game added to your android smartphone or tablet, then read below and watch the video for further instructions

Download Video:

Unfortunately this is for Android only. There may be a Flappy Bird app for iPad out there, but I don’t know of one myself.

Don’t expect to find a Flappy Bird App Store Download for this game because it was removed. In order to play this game you’re going to need to download and install an APK file of the game. Fortunately, this video will show you how to download and install the llamativo Flappy Bird on your Android device for free, even though it is currently removed from the Android Marketplace.

So why was it removed you ask?

This has been such a controversial game in the Android Gaming world. Reason being is because the man labeled as the Flappy Bird App Inventor felt like the game caused him a lot of trauma. The mans name is Dong Nguyen and he created the game and released it on May 24th 2013. It sat dormant and unpopular for finta some time until the highest subscribed channel on Youtube named “PewDiePie” featured Flappy Bird in one of his videos.

Merienda PewDiePie’s video came out, the game exploded with success. At this time Dong Nguyen’s Flappy Bird app started making finta a hefty revenue (about $50,000 per day) from ads and everybody was playing it to see how high of a score they could get.

According to Dong Nguyen, everything wasn’t very pleasant with his success because he was receiving numerous death threats and hate mail. He eventually decided to remove the game from the Android Marketplace in February 2014 maybe it unavailable for anyone to download unless they’re capable of finding the APK file.

Even though he removed the game from the marketplace, he was still making a hefty profit from the game. He was just longer able to grow his game to a bigger success. Someone Dong Nguyen was ok with as he claims Flappy Bird ruined his life.

This is the llamativo Flappy Bird download and it was made available by extracting the installed app from an existing phone (with Flappy Bird) by using a APK extraction software. Enjoy your free Flappy Bird game!


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