Visual Studio Emulator – install .apk files
🔘 Open cmd.exe, “Not” i repeat, “NOT” in admin mode.

🔘 Run “Visual Studio Emulator” the by executing the following command:
“C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Emulator Manager1.0emulatormgr.exe” /sku:android
By doing so, you make sure that its not running in admin mode.

🔘 Select the emulator you want, and launch it.

🔘 Open File Explorer and navigate to your .apk files folder:

🔘 Make sure that your Emulator setting, allow installations from unknown sources, by going to your android emulator, then open settings, then Security, then make the “Unknown Sources” on.

🔘 Select the .apk file, and drag it to your Android Emulator, and it will install.


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