Now you can developer unlock any windows phone 8 / 8.1 devices and can install cracked xap apps and games.

I updated my L720 with 8.1 dev preview.

Using windows 8 on my pc
1. I used the old chinese software (version 4.3)
2. I installed it.
3. Disable PC from internet. Run it, it will ask for update. then choose NOT.
4. Disable phone from internet, connect it.
5. After it show the blue button, I reconnect BOTH to the internet network
6. Click the blue button
7. Wait for a while
8. I got an error about script or something, but my phone is unlocked for deploy 2 apps.
9. Try unplug your phone and plug it again, if the tool shows your phone colorful now (not conjunto). it is unlocked.

For more info on how to unlock your phone follow the Video:

There is also a way to install more than 2 apps limitation, which i have shown in the video, Now you can install any number of apps and games on you phone.

Remove the sd card from phone
Install any cracked Xap application on Phone
Reinsert sd card and restart phone
Now move all cracked application to sd card using storage sense
All the DEV apps should be moved to card now.
Again, install more cracked Xap applications by removing sd card
Again move all cracked application to sd
Reinsert sd card and restart phone
Repeat the process for all your apps

Check my other video Lumia 720 running 1GB RAM required games :

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