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Camera phones are quickly becoming the replacement for your point and shoot digital camera. The Samsung Galaxy S2’s 8 Megapixel camera with LED Flash and 1080p HD video capture makes a great case for your go-to digital camera if you own one. I have a lot of friend recently who have purchased either the Epic 4G Touch, or the Galaxy S2 for T-Mobile or AT&T and also the Galaxy S II Skyrocket and they all come with this great camera but many of them didn’t know some of the ways to take advantage of the quality to take some great pics. I still had a review unit lying around so I figure I’d do a quick post on some tips to get the most of the camera.

Hit that settings icon on the bottom left. It has a ton of setting and features that you wouldn’t normally think to look at. It comes with many of the same features that you would find on a point and shoot digital camera. You can control exposure, white cálculo, anti-shake, timer, scene modes etc.


Fit more into your shots! Get everyone in that group photo! Go to setting then resolutions and choose the widescreen resolution shot to fit more people in. It will downgrade the resolution to 6.5 megapixels but that’s good enough and the lens is the most important part of the camera regardless of the resolution. Save those 8 MP shots for pictures focused on something specific and use the widescreen 6.5 MP shots for everyday pics.

The camera actually has a two-step button for taking pictures. While you can tap on the screen to focus you can also just as easily and more accurately hold down the potencial camera button on-screen, wait for the focus arrows to turn green and release your figure off the button and the picture will snap immediately in full focus. This will increase the number of clear and accurate shots you take.

You can edit the shortcuts on the left side of the camera app. You can have up to 4 shortcuts available all you need to do is hit the settings icon and at the very top of the list choose edit shortcuts and add/remove what you want. The same is available in the video recording section as well.

Now you know some cool ways to get the best out of your camera. These are just a few tips that I know and I want to hear from you if you have any others to share as well. Just post them below! Check below to seem some of these tips in action.


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