pewdiepie tuber simulator hack not workingComplete Daily Quests: The game offers up to four free quests every day. Completing all these quests is a sure shot way of getting more views and subscribers. If you want more than four quests, you will get access to three more – but these aren’t free and will cost you some money. The trick is to complete as many quests as possible and steadily increase views and subscribers.

Keep a tab on Trends: Just like the most trending videos and twitter have tags get more views, making videos that have something to do with the trending topics will certainly help increase the number of views. You many think this isn’t really a trick and more of common sense but the trick is really about making “relevant” videos about topics that are trending. The more relevant the videos, the higher the views, eventually leading to more subscribers.


Knowledge Tree Skills – Always Upgrade These: Well, the whole concept of this game, as we mentioned, is like a chain reaction – one thing sets off another and that thing set off another and so on. In this game, everything that you do is in some way interconnected to everything else. By upgrading knowledge tree skills, you can definitely increase the number of views per videos. But doing so requires you to buy room items related to the skill or purchase skills on the knowledge tree. To purchase skills, you need something called “brain” currency. And how do you get the brain currency? By buying more room upgrades. So the chain looks something like this: Upgrade Knowledge tree skills – Buy room items/upgrades – Need Brain Currency – Buy room upgrades – Upgrade knowledge tree skills. Yes, we agree that this is finta complicated, but merienda you get the hang and understand the cross-functional nature of this game, it will keep you hooked!Follow in the footsteps of one of the biggest online star. You will act as a video blogger and discover your channel on YouTube. Unleash yourself in this isometric 2.5D game retro style!
In this game, your primary task will be to create videos, to increase the number of views and subscribers, and to try to get around on the popularity of the known video blog era PewDiePie. Earn little money and get them new equipment, cameras, lights and even domestic animals. In this game, you will meet the existente character of the voice acting PewDiePie. Perform all tasks assigned to you, communicate with your friends and send them gifts. Play the free time in the popular mini-game PUGGLE and do not forget to equip your room.The game is a aparente reality of the life of famous video blogger. You will be playing the video blogger in the match. The game is based on the efectivo-life performance and voice of PewDiePie himself. As you gradually move up in the game, you will be earning money and can then improve the equipment and much more stuff to improve your performance as the PewDiePie. You can run different campaigns to gain quick cash in the game. You will have an amazing and astonishingly luxury lifestyle as the PewDiePie’s character as you progress through the game and you can share that with other online users to show them how much you are getting in the game. You can then follow some of your famous players who are doing good as PewDiePie and can select the best one by voting for them.In retrospect, it’s kind of crazy that even though celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry had gotten their own mobile games, web-native celebrities like PewDiePie hadn’t. That changed this week with the release of Tuber Simulator, a new mobile game that lets you become a web star under the tutelage of the most popular YouTuber in the world.

Tuber Simulator has already proved so popular that it crashed the game’s servers after reaching No. 2 on the App Store charts (it was held off by the ever-present iTunes U app).

I tried Tuber Simulator and, because I am 6,000 years old and sleep in a coffin like a vampire, I found the game very boring. It’s fine? It’s fine. I will say this, the game does not do itself any favors by having the expressive gamer boy yell at you as soon as it loads.

Tuber Simulator is one of those games where you click a bunch of menu options to start timers and then wait for those timers to end so you can click them again. Maybe the most well-known of these games is Tiny Tower.


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