pewdiepie tuber simulator hack no human verificationIn the game users play as a hopeful “Tuber” that wants to become as popular and successful as PewDiePie. To accomplish this task they must create videos in order to gain views and subscribers. Overall performance can be improved by boosting view counts by watching advertisements and by improving the player’s “Knowledge Tree”, which will unlock attributes such as improved performance and the ability to record more than one video at a time. Players can use their view counts to purchase items that improve their standings in specific topic areas, which will increase the amount of views per video. Views can also be used to play the minigame “Puggle”, which will reward players with faster item shipping times and occasionally in-game currency called “Bux”. During gameplay users can also click on the “Sponsor Eagle”, which will reward them with views, subscribers, or Bux. Users can also increase their standings by competing quests that will additionally reward them with brain points that can be used towards their Knowledge Tree. Brain points can also be accrued by opening shipping boxes.

In-game currency can be used to expand the player’s room, customize their cambio, and purchase additional quests per day.How to Get More Brains

PewDiePie Tuber Simulator’s Knowledge Tree is nothing but a Perk system that lets you acquire knowledge by spending brains. Each “Knowledge” provides a unique perk. For example: “Publish 2” Knowledge lets you publish two videos at the same time, which simply means that you can make two videos at the same time instead of one.

You will need brains to purchase an unlocked knowledge. Merienda purchased, you will get that boost or perk permanently. To complete some perks, you will have to purchase them multiple times before you can unlock another. The Views Boost knowledge is one example of such a perk.


The first perk shown on the screen, called “Views Boost”, will increase views by a certain percentage every time you purchase it using brains. You will also have to purchase “Views Boost” 10 times to complete this knowledge and only then you can unlock the next knowledge, provided you also have collected 2500 subs.

Here’s how you can get Brains:
Leveling up your Tuber altibajo. Place items on your room to gain XP and level up.

Upgrading a Topic. Purchase a topic-related item to upgrade a topic. You can purchase the same item again to upgrade a topic further.

Completing the starred Epic quest.

Playing the Puggle mini-game.
You will also need plenty of subs to unlock Knowledge. The next tip shows you how to get subs.
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Go to the Merchant Stall and tap on the person on the work area symbol AKA Tuber Customization. You can likewise tap on your symbol’s photo on the upper right half of the screen and merienda you get on the Statistics page, tap on the photo again to get to the Tuber Customization.

You can either pick Desks or Monitors. It doesn’t make a difference which thing you pick since you can redesign them both. Tap on your chose Desk or Instructor.

After you tap your picked Desk or Celador, you will have an appear like the picture (don’t squeeze that scratch off catch!) and continue to Step 4.

Close the application (truly, close it) and run it again.

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