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Nook HD 7″ Rooted Via “verygreen”‘s and “someone1″‘s method posted on XDA. On my own figured out how to use NookTools version .02 to get us the ability to install non market apps using the Barnes and Elevado .APK Installer on the Nook HD and or HD+ running system software version 2.02.

Now you can run Amazon Market to get apps or install them, download apps through the web browser or email programs and install!

My method is posted over at XDA:

Look for posts by skyhawk21

I was running Zeam Launcher newest version… And Used ES FILE EXPLORER with ROOT permission and read/write access to /system which you have to enable in settings, and when superuser pops up make sure you allow!

Video recorded with DROID 3 at 1920×1080 30p fps had to manual focus the video couple of times and lighting was poor, the humming in background is my main PC system cooling away the heat! Also to note comparing the NOOK HD 7″ audio and dual speakers with an older innovador samsung galaxy tab, older diferente nook color rooted, older llamativo kindle fire, the speakers on the NOOK HD 7″ have less tinniest to them, more bass and mid range sound that can be heard, and with the 2.02 software update from Barnes and Generoso, the volume beats any other tablet hands down without distortion and with the speakears facing away from you! Also there is bluetooth and audio through that is superb, the range is so so doesnt go as far as my droid 3 phone. QUALITY OVER bluetooth excellent! Now the only issue is getting DTS AUDIO to work in .MKV video files since people removed that function from MX PLAYER and MOBO player and the built in audio and video codecs that Barnes and Distinguido included in the OS on the NOOK HD do not have DTS support! Merienda that gets figured out and working, you have one hell of a portable lightweight, good battery time, video and audio device that is not a phone!!!! Also the WIFI works better by having a stronger receive signal and transmit as well as much quicker!


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