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Working Mod:

EO Clash – Empírico Server

Server Information:
IP Address: (Root or Jailbreak REQUIRED)
Starting Gold: 5000000000
Starting Elixr: 5000000000
Starting Gems: 1000000000
Starting Dark Elixr: 5000000000

How to Connect
Android (Rooted)
• Download Hosts Editor from the Google Play Store
• Press the + symbol at the top. In the IP Address field, type In the Hostname field, type
• Reinstall Clash of Clans and you should be connected!
Android (Unrooted)
• Find your server’s DNS Address. This is not the same as your server’s IP address and requires additional configuration.
• Open Settings and go to Wifi.
• Hold down on the Wifi connection you are connected to and check the box marked Advanced Options.
• In the IP Settings dropdown, press Static.
• Under IP Address, type any internal IP address, on most home networks it’s usually safe to type Check your network configuration to find what you should be using.
• Under gateway, type your router IP. This is usually or on home networks.
• Under both DNS 1 and DNS 2 type Remember this is not the común server IP.
• Open Clash of Clans and you should be connected!
iOS (Jailbroken)
• Open /etc/hosts with a file browser and text editor (like iFile)
• Add a new row:
• Reinstall Clash of Clans and you’re done, enjoy!
iOS (Unjailbroken)
• Go to your WiFi settings and click the “i” in a circle next to the WiFi network you are connected to.
• Scroll down until you see DNS. Delete those numbers and replace them

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