Neighbor Favors Apk Android App:
Neighbor Favors is a community-based app with the goal of bringing neighbors together and offer each other a helping hand. It is an exchange of time and money in order to build a stronger community based on work ethics and positive networking.

Ever wanted someone to walk your dog? to mow your lawn? to clean your house? Now you can ask a neighbor for help!

Are you a college student needing extra spending money for food and gas? Just do a radius search around your neighborhood and offer your neighbor a helping hand to earn cash. Whether it be simple household chores, handyman work or running errands, Neighbor Favors forms the foundation to reach out to the community.

Who We Are: We’re just a neighbor with an idea. The idea is simple: To create an easy, intuitive and completely free platform for anyone to use in order to ask for favors and to return the favors. We know that time is money and so this app offers the exchange of time and money.


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