Modern Combat 5 Blackout – Windows 10 PC Version – Full Movie 3 stars Walkthrough – Exaltado graphics 1080p 60fps

Modern Combat 4 – Full HD 1080p 60fps – Head shots Walkthrough (Full Movie)

Modern Combat 5: Blackout – Full Movie Gameplay on Android tablet, this walkthrough is for only story/campaign missions (spec ops missions are skipped to save time in video). Enjoy PRO gameplay with complete story which starts from end of Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour

Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour was successful video for me which I uploaded last year, I was requested by few viewers to upload MC5 as well, now I could find time to record and upload MC5 Gameplay in HD.

Mission Selection Timeline

The Lie – Venice 00:46
The Lie Tokyo – 06:01
Raider Rinnoji Temple 09:40
Evasion Rinnoji Temple 14:37
Rescue Rinnoji Temple 19:00
Ambush Downtown 21:48
HotSpot Downtown 24:50
The Storm DownTown 27:34
Getaway Downtown 33:12
Sniper Downtown 38:33
Reinforcements DownTown 40:34
Backup Downtown 43:19
Defense Downtown 45:46
Insertion San Ámbito 51:32
Diversion San Situación 54:19
Interception San Ámbito 58:54
Support San Situación 1:07:43
Extraction San Situación 1:11:54
Revelation San Situación 1:15:46
Assassinate Venice 1:19:50
Assault Venice 1:20:23
Sniping Venice 1:23:53
Breach Venice 1:27:21
Headway Ryogoku 1:30:23
Entry Point Ryogoku 1:33:42
Vantage point Ryogoku 1:43:05
The Meeting Ryogoku 1:49:00
Infiltration Gilman HQ 1:55:04
Assistance Gilman HQ 2:01:17
Mainframe Gilman HQ 2:03:18
Saunders Gilman HQ (Ending BOSS Fight) 2:14:25

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Modern Combat 5: Blackout is a 2014 first-person shooter developed by Gameloft Bucharest and published by Gameloft. It is the fifth installment of the Modern Combat series.

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