Tried to play this game long ago but my Android devices were not enough so I tried again now that I upgraded my hardware recently. Graphically it’s still really impressive, probably the best graphics on mobile, but it drains the battery pretty fast at max settings 😛 It’s a good Benchmark if you get new hardware during this Christmas.

Below is the Apk Video if you want to download from outside Japan, but most probably you will get a “Licence Check Failed” error if you don’t have a Japanese Google Play account. You can still play but can’t use your google account to play in other devices, save your progress online or purchase from the shop.

Game website:

– APK download (installed size 2Gb):

– Google Play*:

– App Store (iOS):

– Game website:

*Some google play games may be region locked. You can download and install the APK and play anyways but servers may lag.

Video Recorded on: Shield Tablet K1

#### PC Compatibility ####

Mobius Final Fantasy v1.3.01

– Bluestacks 2 – Seems may works, not for me 🙁
+gvreis_ 666

– Bluestacks v0.10.7.5601 – Not working
– Nox App Player v2.5.1.0 – Not working

Video recorded & edited by rendermax.

Feel free to join my QQ group: 294416707

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