MetaLoop by Steve Walker


PLEASE TRY THE DEMO VERSION BEFORE PURCHASINGMetaLoop is an easy to use, sample-based drum machine, pattern sequencer and beat maker for Android.It combines a 12-channel sample player with a pattern-based composer. Create songs of unlimited length from up to 72 different patterns. Use the supplied sample sounds or select your own from your Android device’s SD card store. Use the touch-screen pattern composer, flexible song arranger and ‘live’ performer to make beats wherever you go. MetaLoop’s rich export features make it an ideal tool for use with other music creation software. Export CD-quality stereo mixes for listening or sharing with others. Export individual channels and patterns for importing into desktop-based digital audio workstations such as Studio One, Cubase or Reaper.Features include:* 16-step pattern sequencer* 72 patterns per project* create songs of unlimited length* play patterns ‘live’ using the performer* layer up to 6 patterns at a time* 12-channel sampler with channel and note level pitch-shifting* easy to use mixer with level, pan, mute and solo* swing and accents for enhanced rhythms* tempo from 50 to 250 bpm* over 140 built-in sounds for immediate creativity* sounds include classic 606, 808 and 909 kits* use bass and lead sounds to enhance your beats* load your own sounds from an SD card* export tracks to CD-quality stereo mix* export individual channels and patterns for further editing* import and export project data for backup/restore and sharing* import live performances for editing and exporting as audio filesSee the MetaLoop website for more information and a comprehensive getting started guide: MetaLoop is designed to run on tablet devices and requires a minimum screen size to display correctly. Please ensure your device has a sufficiently large screen to accomodate MetaLoop before purchasing.The free demo version can be downloaded here: MetaLoop Demo


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