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3:49 : CASTLE OF GLASS (M. Shinoda Remix)
10:09 : LOST IN THE ECHO (KillSonik Remix)
15:19 : VICTIMIZED (M. Shinoda Remix)
18:19 : I’LL BE GONE (Vice Remix feat. Pusha T)
22:20 : LIES GREED MISERY (Dirtyphonics Remix)
27:11 : ROADS UNTRAVELED (Rad Omen Remix feat. Bun B)
32:39 : POWERLESS (Enferno Remix)
38:47 : BURN IT DOWN (Tom Swoon Remix)
43:34 :UNTIL IT BREAKS (Datsik Remix)
49:35 : SKIN TO BONE (Nick Catchdubs Remix feat. Cody B. Ware and Ryu)
53:29 : I’LL BE GONE (Schoolboy Remix)
59:41 : UNTIL IT BREAKS (Money Mark Headphone Remix)
1:04:10 : A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES (Rick Rubin Reboot)
1:08:50 : BURN IT DOWN (Paul Van Dyk Remix) (Bonus Track)


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