(Sorry for my lack of camera knowledge…) [OKAY WOW. Over 10,000 views! THANKS SO MUCH!] For anyone who just CANNOT get their Ipega Controller to work with their android. I am using an HTC EVO 3D. Which it seems like no one has tried it on (according to the internet). It seems to sync with an iPhone 4 but I’m not sure if the buttons work at all (haven’t tested it). It’s a pretty good controller though. Don’t rely on the joysticks as much, but they work. They aren’t pressure sensitive so for games you have to walk really slow and really fast with (like Super Mario 64), you might want to look for the Steelseries gamepad, although its perfect in every way, what the SteelSeries lacks is a clamp…. This could be a cool DIY project! Anyway…You have to map them in your emulator and sometimes there is configuration problems. HOPE THIS HELPED!!!

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