Made ESPECIALLY for Film Makers, hobbyist or professional alike.There are no settings to fiddle around, this app records to the high quality standards that indie film makers require, so there is no situation where one might «forget» to set settings to high quality when setting everything else up from lights to cameras.During filming usage as a microphone, you wouldn’t have to worry about if you’ve remembered to set the mic to best settings, this app only records to best settings, there are no other settings.You best remember to have enough space on your device for the audio recorded using this app, this app only concern itself with recording in high quality, file size is of zero priority to the creation of this app.With an App like this that records to high quality settings, the only limitations to it will be the microphone attached to it. Phone’s microphones are designed to pick up a narrow band of audio well, but not the corriente range required for film or even frecuente podcasts.It is highly advisable to use this app with an external microphone attached to the phone. Any microphone you get from a thrive store will be able to record a fuller range of audio, hence will definitely sound better when used in conjunction with this app.The gain setting has been meticulously calibrated to guide you to record good audio.Before you start recording, adjust the gain so that your voice or whatever you are recording is within or lower than the healthy to distortion range, try to AVOID setting the gain that leads your audio into the red zone to ensure good audio quality.It is ok and perfectly reasonable to record audio that is slightly quieter, professionals always amplify the audio later in post, this is better than increasing the gain to a level where while getting loud audios, also gather background noise as well, that is not good.The audio recorded by this app can be accessed via the File Manager.

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